Creating a Healthy Pool

Creating a Healthy Pool image

Your beautiful pool has been built - now let's keep it a safe and healthy aquatic environment.

Regular pool care not only keeps the water clean and balanced but also ensures the equipment is running efficiently.

An imbalanced pool water creates germs and bacteria that amongst other health problems, will also affect the skin and eyes. In addition, an imbalanced pool can be corrosive to your pool equipment and it will also aggressively attack the pools interior, destroying it in a matter of years.

Take the time to balance the pool regularly to keep the water healthy, clear and sparkling which means, keeping the five basic pool water components (pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, total dissolved solids and stabilizer) within their ideal ranges;

Ideal pH level is around 7.4 to 7.6;
the average swimming pool should have an alkalinity reading of 100 ppm;
Calcium Hardness 200 to 400 ppm;
TDS 1,500 ppm max;
Stabilizer 40 to 100 ppm ideal range.

Home kits can assist with the above levels and you can add the required chemicals based on the reading. However, if you're ever unsure of your pool levels, take a sample to your nearest pool shop who will be able to assist you in ensuring your backyard swimming pool is safe for everyone.

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