QFP are going "green"

QFP are going

Solar is the way of the future; solar hot water, solar electricity and now you can have a solar pool pump that will pay itself off within 3 years - that means, after 3 years, you could run your pool with zero energy costs! QFP are now providing and installing Lorentz Swimming Pools Pumps for those who wish to have a more environmentally friendly option.

"LORENTZ PS Swimming Pool Pumps are high quality product designed for use in residential and commercial swimming pools and spas. In most pool applications all of the filtration needs can be met directly from solar panels meaning no electricity costs and significant benefits to the environment.

The LORENTZ pump uses a DC brushless motor for high efficiency and reliability, it is connected to a solar generator via a controller. The controller monitors the system, controls the pump speed and optimizes the amount of water pumped based on the power available.

Zero energy costs provide a very fast return on investment".

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