Australia’s first and only diamond finished, concrete pool polishing. At QFP, we offer a unique, specialised product which provides an ultra smooth finish, adding a professional and luxurious quality to the interior of your dream pool.

Our specifically designed product smooths all concrete pool interiors which makes swimming all day, abrasive free.

Polished Pool Interiors gives pebble and glass pool interiors a unique finish, providing superior, long lasting shine.

Our product is non-porous, therefore providing a healthier pool environment as it does not absorb mould and bacteria. It has an excellent wearing surface which does not scratch, dent or stain.

Over time, should anything happen to your polished pool interior, it can simply be re-polished which is over half of the cost of a standard pool renovation, bringing the pool back to its original shine.

Add value to your pool and your lifestyle. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, with a professional approach. We have specialist knowledge as there is no other company in Australia providing this unique, premium finish.

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